Rock Point Community School

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Elementary Teacher

at Rock Point Community School

Posted: 10/24/2017
Job Status: Full Time

Job Description


  1. Will support and comply with the Rock Point Community School philosophy, mission, and vision statement.
  2. Must have four (4) hours Prevention of Sexual Harassment training annually.
  3. Must have four (4) hours training on SCAN procedures and reporting annually.
  4. Become familiar and be in compliance with FERPA (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act).
  5. Maintains accurate, complete, and correct records as required by law, school policy and administrative regulations.
  6. Maintains class records such as Individual learning Education Plans, test results, student cumulative folders, class charts, daily attendance reports, and progress reports. Submit grades promptly and timely as scheduled.
  7. Prepares curriculum guide and lesson plans, using school district approved guidelines and covering grade appropriate units of study, daily objectives, special education accommodations and modifications, integration of formative assessments, instructional strategies, and provide appropriate assigned tasks that ensure outcomes and results that are clear, meaningful and connected to the learning objective/unit.
  8. Implement Response To Intervention (RTI) according to program schedule as provided by Instructional Leadership.
  9. Continuously monitor and evaluate individual and group academic progress through the use of formative assessments, criterion-referenced test, periodic standardized tests, oral tests, classroom data and other relevant evaluation methods and instruments.
  10. Effectively engages students by providing dynamic instruction to facilitate the use of critical thinking skills, rigorous academic discussion on content specific processes and facilitate authentic engagement using the Common Core State Standards.
  11. Provide instruction at a DOK 2 and/or higher, and instructional scaffolding using effective instructional strategies.
  12. Participates actively in professional learning opportunities within and outside the school that directly address needs identified through examination of evidence of instructional effectiveness.
  13. Provides assessments are at the correct level of difficulty, aligned to standards-based objectives and engage learners in demonstrating knowledge and skills.
  14. Utilize data (formative, district, high stakes assessments) to drive instruction, articulate and document progress of students for monitoring and adjusting of instruction to meet the learning needs of students.
  15. Provide students effective learning experiences that make content accessible and meaningful for learners to assure mastery of the content.
  16. Actively participates in and contributes meaningfully to required professional learning activities with grade level or subject level area colleagues, giving and receiving ongoing feedback on instruction, examining student work, analyzing evidence of instructional effectiveness, and share responsibility for student learning.
  17. Actively and regularly involve families in goal setting and expectations for individual student learning, student development, and achieving goals.
  18. Seeks opportunities and accepts leadership roles to facilitate and collaborate in school wide efforts to build a shared vision and supportive culture, identify common goals, and monitor progress of school goals.
  19. Provide a learning environment that motivate student learning through established interests, numerous choices, making relevant connections, building understanding, assessing learning outcomes, developing positive relationships and creating a sense of belonging between and among learners.
  20. Implement specific instructional strategies provided by instructional leaders through instructional coaching/professional development with fidelity and consistency.
  21. Employs a variety of instructional techniques and instructional media.
  22. Provide accommodations and modification of instruction for students with learning disabilities of students for all lessons. Collaborate with Special Education Teachers to meet IEP goals of students in the General Education setting and/or as established IEP goals.
  23. Be available to students and parents at all Parent Teacher Conferences and for education related purposes outside the instructional day when required or requested to do so under reasonable terms.
  24. Maintain and improve professional competence.
  25. Maintains an updated inventory of all supplies and materials and equipment in the classroom.
  26. Attends staff meetings and serves on staff committees as required.
  27. Perform other duties as assigned.



  1. AZ Department of Education Teacher Certification in approved area(s)/endorsement(s).
  2. MA/BA in education related field.
  3. Excellent written and oral skills.
  4. Conducts duties and responsibilities in accordance with the Rock Point Community School Board's Policy & Procedures, Personnel Manual and other reporting policies and procedures of the tribe, state and federal government.
  5. Must have minimal knowledge of Dine language, culture, history, traditions and its people for compliance in all aspects of educational programs.
  6. Have current CPR & 1st Aide Certification.
  7. Must have valid AZ driver's license
  8. Must have Federal, Arizona, and Navajo Nation background clearances.

Application Instructions

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