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Associate Clinician - Globe, AZ


Job Description

Primary Function: Maintains a caseload of individual, marital, group and family therapy as indicated.  Participates in client staffing, develops service plans, and maintains client records, under the direct supervision of an Independent Licensed Clinician, in accordance with the CFT/ART.

Minimum Qualifications: Masters degree in Behavioral Health field that is a behavioral health technician that has been credentialed to have the skills and abilities to conduct the duties of a clinician with supervision OR Bachelors degree in a behavioral health field plus two (2) year experience in a behavioral health setting that is a behavioral health technician that has been credentialed to have the skills and abilities to conduct the duties of a clinician with supervision OR Associates degree in a behavioral health field with four (4) years experience in a behavioral health setting under supervision of a technician or professional.   Must be proficient in all concepts, practices and procedures related to field/area of work. Must be able to complete fingerprint requirements of DPS.  Must be able to pass the MVR report to drive for SEABHS.  Must complete CPR, CPI, and First Aid requirements.



  • Demonstrated ability to conduct a comprehensive assessment and develop an accurate diagnostic impression.
  • Able to formulate an understanding of individual and family dynamics, to identify effective treatment interventions.
  • Demonstrates ability to assist in development and implementation of outcome driven service plans, in collaboration with individual and/or families.
  • Demonstrates ability to engage clients and/or families, in the therapeutic process.
  • Demonstrates the ability and skills to effectively document service provisions within contractual timelines.
  • Demonstrated willingness and ability to project a professional demeanor when representing the agency.
  • Must maintain and protect client confidentiality, both written and spoken.
  • Demonstrated ability to apply principles of customer relations and service, e.g., telephone etiquette and clarity in communications.
  • Knowledge and ability to demonstrate adherence to cultural competency, and ethics standards.
  • Must be able to pass the DPS fingerprint requirements.


  • Responsible for conducting clinical intakes.
  1. a) Emergency/Crisis evaluations, during business hours.
  2. b) Individual/Group/Family Therapy.
  • Serve as clinical liaison for assigned case loads within CFT/ART process including collaboration with other internal/external resources.
  • Knowledge of eligibility status when providing or authorizing services.
  • Prepare and maintain well written clinical records accurately and thoroughly as required ethically and legally.
  • Utilize treatment modalities for diagnostically diverse caseloads with ability to provide outcome oriented services with brief/managed care parameters..
  • Consistently meet productivity standards as assigned.
  • Submit all required documentation requests by payroll, personnel, and provide any funding agency reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, as required.
  • Participate in clinical supervision in accordance with ADHS Licensure/Contracts as assigned.
  • Be familiar with and comply with all relevant agency policies, state and federal statutes and rules.
  • Perform rapid drug screen via urine specimen, as needed. Staff member must be properly trained on urine collection, as required by the Rapid Drug Screen Lab Test policy
  • Performs other duties, as assigned.