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    25-99 employees

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    Tolleson, AZ

Welcome to the City of Tolleson

City of Tolleson Vision Statement
Will retain the foundation of our family oriented, friendly, small town atmosphere. We will support a positive, diverse growth environment that maintains and enriches the quality of life for everyone.

It is impossible to think of the City of Tolleson without thinking of its sense of community.

Tolleson has been fortunate in its ability to sustain community values, neighborhood character and livability throughout its history, in the midst of frenetic, overwhelming growth in its surrounding environs.

Tolleson, the hub of the west end of the Salt River Valley , was founded in 1912 by Walter G. and Alethea H. Tolleson, and incorporated in 1929.

Manufacturing, warehousing and distribution play a significant part in Tolleson’s land use.

This sector consists of Tolleson’s Fortune 500 core businesses that number over 15.

More recently, numerous companies from throughout the country have located in Tolleson.

These new enterprises combined with existing facilities brings Tolleson’s job totals to more than 20,000, with just over 6,500 residents resulting in one of the most impressive jobs-to-residents ratios in the nation.

The City of Tolleson, although small in stature, competes with some of the most daunting communities in the country from economic and community development to workforce recruitment and retention by strict adherence to its most fundamental values captured best by the City’s Vision Statement.

Description of Benefits for Full-Time Employees

Insurance Benefits
Currently the City pays 100% of the employee’s Health, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance.  The City’s benefit payment for insurance premiums previously listed is subject to change.  The employee contributes to family insurance premiums.

Tuition Reimbursement The City provides a generous tuition reimbursement plan for eligible employees on budgeted fiscal year.

Retirement Plans
All full-time employees meeting participation requirement of the City of Tolleson participate in one of the following plans:
• Arizona State Retirement System
• Public Safety Personnel Retirement-Police
• Public Safety Personnel Retirement-Fire

Vacation Time (based on yrs of service)  0-4 years 11 days

5-10 years

15 days 10 + years 21 days

Paid Time Off

Holidays 11 days Personal Day 1 day Sick Time 12 days per calendar year

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