Job: Recovery Coach (2 positions) - Safford or Clifton AZ

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Posted: 05/24/2017

Job Status: Full Time

Job Type: Healthcare - Behavioral/Mental Health Healthcare - Support Services Healthcare - ALL CATEGORIES

Jobing Description

Recovery Coach

Primary Function:  This position is established to serve as part of a team of support for members and their families/support enrolled in the behavioral health system and assessed as needing services through the Low and Moderate Need Treatment programs.  It exists as a key role for the purpose of fulfilling The Arizona Vision, which means:

“In collaboration with each consumer and others, Arizona will provide accessible behavioral health services designed to achieve success in school/work, live with their families/support, avoid delinquency and become stable and productive adults.  Services will be tailored to the consumer and family/support and provided in the most appropriate setting, in a timely fashion, and in accordance with Agency Recognized Treatment Modalities, while respecting the consumer and family/support’s unique cultural heritage.”

As with all members of our team, this position is expected, above all else, to support services to members and families/supports, that meets the following Principles:

  • Collaboration with the consumer and family/support
  • Emphasis on achieving functional outcomes
  • Collaboration with others, including participation in unified assessment, planning and service approaches when consumer or families/supports are involved with multiple systems
  • Access for consumers to a comprehensive array of sufficient behavioral health services to meet their needs
  • Agency recognized treatment modalities
  • Most appropriate setting
  • Timeliness
  • Services tailored to the consumer and family/support
  • Stability in placements
  • Respect for the consumer and family/support’s unique cultural heritage
  • Independence, and
  • Connection to natural supports

 All members of our team are expected to practice in a manner that is consistently mindful of our Arizona Vision and Principles.  

Coordinates and monitors services for member and family/support as outlined on the individual service plan developed by the CFT/ART Team.  Works as a member of the CFT/ART Team to assess strengths, needs and goals.  Assist CFT/ART Team with clerical, outreach and coordination activities identified in the member and family/support service plan.  Assists in the coordination of discharge plans.  Ensures accurate communications, securing and identification of community resources and appointments and identification of barriers.  Reports directly to the Clinical Supervisor at the assigned Low and Moderate Need Treatment  location.

Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree and one (1) years experience or Associate’s degree and two (2) years experience or High School Diploma/GED and four (4) in a behavioral health field. Must possess a valid Arizona Driver's License.  Must be able to obtain Fingerprint Clearance.  Must become certified in First Aid, CPR and CPI.  Must be 21 years of age or older.


  • Knowledge of symptomatology of agency consumers diagnosed disorders, addictions; DSM IV-TR codes and descriptions.
  • Knowledge of indications, common side effects, reactions and interactions of medications prescribed for self-administration by members.
  • Knowledge of community resources for obtaining assistance when needed.
  • Knowledge of member record keeping of member activities and progress toward treatment goals and objectives.
  • Ability to document case histories.
  • Ability to perform mental status examinations.
  • Knowledge of therapeutic relationships and counseling models.
  • Crisis intervention skills.
  • Ability to establish positive rapport.
  • Knowledge of Managed Care Systems and Provider Networks.
  • Knowledge of federal statutes governing client services.
  • Knowledge of case management/coordination roles, responsibilities, procedures, and resources.
  • Knowledge of characteristics of behavioral health issues and levels of acuity.
  • Ability to maintain good consumer relationships, possesses excellent verbal and written communication skills, and be able to identify priorities.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of all member matters and handle organization confidential matters with discretion.
  • Demonstrated willingness and ability to project professional demeanor when representing the agency during community assignments or within collegial relationships within the agency.
  • Basic computer skills.
  • Demonstrate good teamwork skills and team player attitudes.


  • Provides community outreach including, but not limited to, member's home, school, work, jail
  • Coordinates appointments for members and families/supports with informal and formal services and agencies, as needed
  • Maintains collaborative relationship with others involved.
  • Arranges and/or provides transportation for members and family/support members for community services as identified by the CFT/ART Team.
  • Getting releases/school records/gather and maintaining documentation of contact with member and family/support and the services received/provided.
  • Provides referrals, appropriate linkage and continuous coordination with mental health treatment, rehabilitation agencies, and generic services based on client need including but not limited to residential care, day programs, vocational rehabilitation, educational services, medical services, etc.
  • Assists in strengthening/building continuum of care of services including informal support for CFT/ART teams.
  • Provides or arranges other case management peer support, health promotion, living skills services as determined by the CFT/ART team.
  • Coordinates care for member receiving medication services by linking ongoing with psychiatrist, family/support, member and others involved with services.
  • Facilitates recovery groups, aftercare, and discharge planning with member, family/support and other team members.
  • May complete intakes with members and family/support entering the system.
  • Participates in program development planning for site/community to include respite/day program activities.
  • Coordinates client intake, evaluations, and monitoring processes. Participates in the development of agency recognized treatment modalities with consumers and family/support. Attends and participates in multidisciplinary team staffing as appropriate to ensure holistic approach to treatment.
  • See Working Conditions.
  • Perform rapid drug screen via urine specimen, as needed. Staff member must be properly trained on urine collection, as required by the Rapid Drug Screen Lab Test policy
  • Other duties as assigned